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case study   5 — 8
  • Rubbband
  • Rubber Factory
  • 2018
the mission

We were introduced to the Managing Director of Rubband, A visionary at heart and a person who clearly knows where he is headed with his business. We were mighty impressed to learn from him that even a small rubber band has the potential to become one a major revenue generator.

His idea of making a brand out of a commodity such as a rubber band made it very interesting for us and we decided that we definitely need to work with this company not just to create an Impact but also to learn a lot in the process.

chapter — 1




Long discussions, brain storming sessions at the times of India office with experienced consultants and a lot of team work we put together a strategy to take Newspaper Innovations to the next lever, Starting for a simple Sky Bus Advertisements on the TOI to begin with which went on to be a mast head flap and quarter page Ads and So on. The entire city and other city were taken aback with the AD campaign and the bombardment of Ad’s which made Rubband the talk of the city and over social media too. People got to know that just with a simple rubber band the possibilities are infinite.

The entire ad campaign was based on with RUBBAND the POSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE.

What people didn’t expect to see as an Innovative AD on the paper was being made possible, just like a rubber band is stretched we made sure we stretched the limits in the Innovations in newspaper AD.

The constant support and motivation from the client got us more excited and we kept delivering the best possible AD’s and designs we could think of.

And then finally came the Big day where we designed an 8 Page AD on the newspaper, YES you read it correctly an 8 PAGE Advertisement that has never ever been done in south India ever before and also this Ad got nominated for one of the best Innovative Newspaper Advertisements.

Since then it has only been an Interesting journey that has brought about a very healthy relationship with our client and we are learning a lot through this new journey, Yes the possibilities are Infinite.

brand shape
Office picture
Office picture
Wireframe preview
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All The Above

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