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case study   5 — 8
  • Keeerai kadi
  • health & society
  • 2019
the mission

Yet another Interesting project we have worked on, we got associated with the Keeraikadai team through the Times of India. Keeraikadai being a startup is one of its kind which has created a noise in and around Coimbatore and its neighbouring cities, The customer contacted us when they had just begin their project and shared their dreams on how they look at taking the company forward. A company that caters to the needs of supplying over 40 varieties of greens is one of a kind of a business that has now also ventured in to creating its own product ranges of soups, eatables etc and opening multiple outlets across Tamil Nadu.

chapter — 1




At the same board room of the TOI office where the super innovations for RUBBAND where birthed was where we sat and brainstormed how to take the ad campaign forward for Keeraikadai.

We created an AD campaign that would focus on the health benefits of the various greens and came up with a creative that was approved by everyone and published on the paper the very next day the company got a call from the doctor of a leading hospital in Coimbatore and asked them if they would be able to provide Keerai soups to all their patients, which was the first success milestone, The second success came a couple of weeks later when we decided to disrupt the market and do something like never before in a newspaper. What if we told you could plant your newspaper and couple of weeks later it grows to be some healthy keerai?

Yes we made the impossible possible we designed the creative for the campaign as it caught the eye of many children and house wives which in itself was a great achievement. The cream of the success came when we were notified by the TOI that this innovation had won the gold position for the best innovation in newspaper by the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF NEWSPAPERS in Germany. A dream come true moment for all of us at Idealmindz to be a part of this.

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