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case study   1 — 12
  • digital
  • Modern Restroom & Home Interior Design
  • 2021

Our goal was to ensure that every design of ours would add value to the brand, since the brand was birthed to provide excellence and luxury in all elegance and style that was elite.



Before starting with the designing and development process, it was important for us to understand Evolve and it' core services properly. We analyzed the way they operate the various functions and then created a step by step strategy.

chapter — 1



Icon Story

Evolve- One of the best showrooms in Coimbatore for Luxury Bathroom Fittings and Accessories located in Redfield’s in Racecourse, Coimbatore. The Showroom houses over 16+ prototypes and live demos of Bathroom Fittings and accessories that have been xcellently laid out in a sprawling 6000Sqft showroom with perfect planning and an attention to detail. Almost every prospect that visited the showroom would eventually become a client due to the excellence of service, quality and value for money

Though the client was clear about his requirements, he was not sure about the design of the website. He wanted the website design to represent his services the better way so that the visitors would know that what they are going to get in the next click. The requirement was for the website that would attract maximum customers and eventually be a virtual medium for people to have a look and feel the showroom and the products.

Boy in football uniform
Website preview on imac
Football ball


We worked closely with Evolve and their team to create original photo content that showcases the meticulous detail and design of their products—across the showroom—and to showcase the photos in a way that truly reflects the quality of the products..

chapter — 2




We set two main goals for the project: making the content more enjoyable and enhancing user orientation by simplifying the clutter. We completely focused on the concept of Less is more, thereby keeping the design aspect simple and adhering to select colour schemes etc.

chapter — 3




To cover all necessary design assets for the Brand, we provided comprehensive web design and consulting services as well as a video and photo shoot. A broken grid, generous white space- bold, skewed and soft fonts that suggest and an interplay between motion and stability.

Baseball bat
Baseball ball
Ipad website preview
Macbook website preview
Iphone website preview



Graphics play an important role in conveying the business message and it took a lot of hard work to design the graphics for EVOLVE. It is not only on the website, bit for all the mediums of branding that we delivered be it a visiting card or a corporate film.

The content for Evolve was much different from the other business websites. It was not only about mentioning its services or products but ensuring that every person who would visit the website should attempt to make an inquiry or walk into the showroom. Even after creating a proper plan we needed to make many changes while executing it, to create a perfect website.


As a result of our dedicated efforts, we created a highly appealing and feature-loaded website that the client was more than happy and satisfied to see it.

Starting from the home page and scrolling over the inner pages, all the information is not only given properly with the help of relevant graphics but is also organized in a perfect order. Our expertise and talent helped us to design the website in the best way that it is helping the client to convert the maximum of the website visitors into customers. The responsive design, user-friendly interface and the enhanced functionality of the website are letting the client experience business growth.

Video image preview
Product listing
Lacrosse glove
Product listing
Product listing
Web UI preview
Web UI preview

chapter — 4



custom PHP theme

Besides giving us the liberty to customise and alter the website whenever needed it also enables us to shave off each redundant millisecond from load time.

slick slider

We used custom built slick slider with unique transitions and modern design to showcase uniforms.

SEO Optimised

To enable users find us easily on the internet the website has been optimised to be search engine friendly and optimised to load faster as well.

All The Above

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